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Woody WoodDeckers LLC

Since 2002

Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been building Decks?
Since 2002. Before then, I was a business/construction manager, responsible for subcontracting decks to be built. When out inspecting the jobs, there were too many times I would be thinking, “I could do a better job than that!” So I launched out and started Woody WoodDeckers.

Are you insured?
Yes. We carry a $500,000 general liability policy for the safety of our customers.

Do you have your own crew or do you subcontract to someone else?
Yes! We are a “small business” consisting of 5 crew members; myself and 4 guys, 2 of whom have been with me for over 10 years. As owner, you might be surprised, yet pleased, to see me strap on a tool belt and help build. I love building decks. We only subcontract work such as electrical, plumbing, etc if needed.

Are you a member of the Better Business Bureau?
Yes. We have an A+ rating with no complaints!

Do you offer a warranty?
Yes. Beyond any manufacturer's warranty, we offer a full year structural warranty on our installations and materials. Customers will tell you we take care of business, even months later if needed.

What deck materials are available?
For treated wood decks, we use #1 grade “Ground Contact” treated lumber. Lumber off the rack at most stores is a #2 “Above Ground” treatment. When it comes to composite decks, we recommend Trex composite materials. We also work with Cedar and Ipe wood. Ipe is a Brazilian hardwood, commonly known as “Ironwood”.

Which materials are best?
This depends on your preference and realistically, your budget.
Traditional woods are structurally sound, are the most economical, but will require more maintenance (weatherproofing). Composite materials will not splinter, decay or rot, are low maintenance but will cost at least 50% more up front. If you have lived in the Houston area long enough, you know our climate can be tough on all outdoor materials.

Is a building permit required?
Depending on the area, permits are usually a simple process dealing with an HOA. Decks usually have less requirements as they are ground level and hidden from street sight. Patio Covers and Pergolas might need more permitting as they can be seen above a fence. We will gladly help with that process.

What is your invoice and payment process?
We will send you an itemized estimate through QuickBooks with all the details necessary for you to approve. We work from a 50/50% payment plan, but will not expect a first payment of 50% until the day we start construction. On that day we will create an invoice and submit that payment.

What is your geographic coverage?
We are located near The Woodlands, TX so we serve Montgomery and Harris counties but will travel the distance if need be. We have traveled to San Antonio, Tyler, half way to Dallas and down to Galveston.

How long will it take for you to build my deck?
A typical deck will take up to a week to build and will be completed most often within three to four weeks from your order date.

Do you seal decks upon completion?
Because treated lumber has to dry out for several months minimum, we do not seal decks as a part of the installation process. We will be glad to come back after drying and seal your deck as a separate project and invoice. Many people choose to do the sealing themselves.

Is there a charge for designing and estimating?
No. After an initial appointment, we will create a design and initial cost estimate for you to look at. We will gladly “tweak” the design until we get your final approval. Upon creating a final design, we will send you an official estimate through Quickbooks. All at no cost to you!

Do you offer landscaping or other services?
I have surrounded myself with several good friends that do tree service, landscaping, hardscape, electrical, etc. I will be glad to turnkey your project and assume the responsibility of seeing that everything gets done properly and on time. This gives you the advantage of only dealing with one responsible contractor.


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